Specialist Surveys and Analysis

The basic principles used in analysing and assessing capacity in the UK Short Sea Freight RoRo and LoLo market have been used on a number of occasions to assess capacity in other sectors and markets.

If you require specific and immediate market analysis, or you would like to register interest in development of a survey in a different geographical sector, please contact Peter Baker.  

RoRo and LoLo freight capacity
In addition to carrying out the annual UK and Irish Surveys a similar capacity appraisal was carried out for Baltic Sea ports, determining capacity for 11.5 million trailer equivalent units (including feu) serving intra Baltic services and service connections between Baltic ports and UK and north west Continent ports.

RoRo and container handling equipment
More in depth analysis of port and terminal infrastructure has led to a detailed survey and analysis of container and RoRo handling equipment in use, from gantry cranes to tugmasters, at UK and Irish ports and terminals.

Fleet development
Capacity Surveys require a complete assessment of the capacity available on each vessel employed. This information has been used to assess vessel fleet size and age profiles and trends in the average size of vessels employed on the UK market.

Passenger ferry capacity
Passenger capacity on ferries serving the UK and Baltic markets have been researched and analysed to assess route and overall capacity in the UK and Baltic markets for ad hoc commissions and presentations to industry conferences.  

Car Carriers  
Port operators have requested analysis of Short Sea car carrier fleets to assess the current age and size profiles and trends in size to match port infrastructure development plans.

Trailer and container operators
Ferry and container service operators have also commissioned studies looking into the door-to-door trailer (accompanied and unaccompanied) and container operator sector that makes up their customer base, assessing fleet size and route / service preference.

Sub-sector analysis
Clients have also requested specific regional capacity assessments (such as the Humber region in the UK) in order to compare particular markets with competing regions and to evaluate trends in RoRo (trailer) and LoLo (container) service development. Analysis by overseas port of destination as well as UK port of departure is also possible.

Freight movements and capacity utilisation analysis
In response to requests from clients, research has been undertaken to determine the timely, meaningful and comprehensive availability of UK ferry freight and short sea container traffic. In the absence of any such information there is an ongoing effort to gain support from operators to contribute information in order to produce a regular market report and capacity utilisation analysis that can provide all concerned with a useful management and development tool. PRB Associates work with UK Ports and Logistics Ltd to produce the Quarterly UK Ports Statistics and the two companies are currently working on the development of a quarterly UK RoRo and container market report.